Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Plan & List of the 3rd Floor of the Winter Palace

Plan & List of the 3rd Floor of the Winter Palace
(clique on plan to enlarge)

398 & 400         Corridor
399                   Upper Level of Winter Garden
398A                 Diamond Room/Porcelain Museum
Rooms 394 to 397 – Apartment/Grand Duke Alexei A.
Rooms 808 to 900 – Service Rooms
Rooms 384 to 393 – Nicholas I/Alexander III
393                   State Secretary
392                   Portrait Drawing Room
391                   Corner Drawing Room
390                   Study
389                   Dressing Room
388                   Valet/Bathroom
799                   Library
387                   Empress’ Study
Mezzanines above 384 to 386
386                   Valet
385                   On-Duty Attendant
384                   Emperor’s Wardrobe
Rooms 381A to 383 – Apartment/Nicholas II’s 1891-1894
383                   Empress’ Wardrobe
382                   Empress’ Diamond Room
381                   Maid of Honor
381A                 Buffet
351 & 359         Corridor
367A                 Saltykov Staircase
Rooms 360 to 367
360-362 Katia, 2nd wife of Alexander II
368-376 Apartments (governesses, dressmakers)
358                   Corridor - Staircase
333                   Corridor – Staircase
354 to 356         Apartment (Baron Schilling/children of Katia & Alexander II)
351A – 353        Apartment (Adjutant)
351B to 351E    Maids
Rooms 334 to 349 Freylinsky (Ladies In Waiting) Corridor
Corridor of 10 Apartments c1896
Frau M. Geringer 19 to 21
E. Schneider 18
350                   Alexandra Zhukovsky (Grand Duke Alexei A.’s love)
341 & 346         Former bathroom/toilet
315 to 332         Servant Rooms
                        Archives of the Ministry of the Imperial Court
                        Senior Livery Offices
Northeastern Corner facing Neva
                       2nd floor of the Minister of the Court’s apartment
                      Offices of the Officials of the Court Ministry


  1. First of all I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful blog and the amazing research work that you are doing ! Secondly, I would like to ask you what was the use of rooms 381-383 under Tsar Nicholas II and did really Alexander III used his appartment on the third floor?

  2. Thank you very much.

    381-383 was used for guests under Nicholas II. Alexander III did use the 3rd floor later in his reign when he had tried to restore the rooms to his grandfather Nicholas I time. He did sleep though on the 2nd floor when he had to stay overnight. The Kerensky narrative that he had slept in Alexander III's bed on the 3rd floor is incorrect.

  3. does anyone know what room 382 (empress' diamond room) looked like? a description or a photograph (before or after the looting of the palace)?

  4. The diamond room #382 was dismantled and moved to the 1st floor in 1896.

    1. but does anyone know what it actually looked like?

      i would imagine, IF there are any photos of it, they would have been taken after the looting of the palace -- similar to the photos of AF's wardrobe rooms.