Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Panorama of the Gothic Drawing Room

On the wintry afternoon of February 26th 1898, a two-year old toddled beside her papa from the day-nursery, smiling up at the cupids and ran to the mountain slide. The toddler was Grand Duchess Olga and her papa was Nicholas II.

The children’s rooms on the 1st floor of the Winter Palace were designed in 1839 for Nicholas I’s teenage daughters; seventeen-year old Olga and fourteen-year old Alexandra.

Fifty-five years later the rooms became the nursery for Nicholas II and Alexandra’s daughters.

From the Anteroom (11) you enter the large Gothic Drawing Room (12) where the mountain slide was in 1898 and then the Cupids Drawing Room (13).

3D Panorama (link below) of the Gothic Drawing Room

Photograph (below) of the Gothic Drawing Room looking towards the door to the Anteroom (11)

It is difficult to imagine the two-month old Olga in January 1896 and later three more babies, born two years apart, living in these cavernous and ornate rooms. Why did Nicholas and Alexandra choose to have the nursery on the 1st floor with the noise of the road traffic and the public's ability to peer into the windows? The former rooms of the younger sons of Nicholas I on the 2nd floor off the Dark Corridor was next to their apartment. It would have been quieter, safer and given Alexandra access without having to climb stairs.

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  1. Very interesting. Sad to see the salon in it's present state, with all those ugly cases. I quickly Googled to see what the room once looked like! (Never actually a space with an abundance of charm, it seems; maybe a very good place for an oversized slide.) In Hau's watercolor of 1868 the doorway is blocked by a huge mirror and a large statue on a plinth.