Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fire at Marly Palace in Peterhof

The Marly Palace in Peterhof, designed by the architect Johann-Friedrich Braunstein for Peter the Great, was completed after his death in 1725. The small sixteen room palace was based on the French royal hunting lodge in Marly-le-Roi.

Aerial views (below) of Marly Palace

Original plan (below) of the layout of Marly Palace and in 1944

The architect A. Semenov had restored the Marly Palace in 1898. In the late afternoon of Monday June 4th 1901, Nicholas II wrote that ‘there was a fire in Peter the Great’s house at Marly in the bedroom. Unfortunately the furniture and part of the old furnishings, preserved from that time, burned up. The cause of the fire, as it often happens, is unknown’.

Photographs (below) of Marly’s exterior and interiors: bedroom, dressing room and washbasin

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