Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Panorama of the White Dining Room in the Winter Palace

The architect Alexander Krasovsky designed the White Dining Room [188] on the 2nd floor of the Winter Palace for Nicholas II and Alexandra in 1895. A floorplan is located here: [https://winterpalaceresearch.blogspot.ca/2016/10/plan-list-of-2nd-floor-of-winter-palace.html]

Photographs (below) of the White Dining Room

After the New Year’s Mass and receptions on the morning of January 1st 1896, Nicholas wrote that ‘our dining room was used for a family lunch for the first time’.

3D Panorama link (below) of the White Dining Room [note the small doors on either side of the fireplace that led to the pantry [188A] and servants’ staircase]


  1. I love both The White Dining Room and The Green Dining Room, both are done in the Rococo style if memory serves me correctly. Looking at the floor plans both Dining rooms are small and roughly the same size but why was the place for The Green one chosen where there are no windows? And where did the other three doors in The Green Dining room lead to?
    Ghostie x

  2. I think it’s all right for a rococo revival, however the Pompeian one.....well, simply delightful. Anyhow the furniture is preserved and the painted walls too underneath, although for historic reason we may never recover the interior

  3. The White Dining Room windows looked out into the small inner courtyard. The Green Dining Room was in the former interior staircase.