Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Panorama of the Long Corridor in the Winter Palace

A long corridor connected the Jordan Staircase to the private apartments of Nicholas and Alexandra Feodorovna on the 2nd floor of the Winter Palace. The windows look out into the Large Inner Courtyard and opposite are mirrored doors into the Nicholas and Concert Halls.

Photographs (below) of the Corridor today

After the 1837 fire, the architect Stasov designed the Pompeian Gallery [151-153 on the 2nd floor plan] for the long corridor.

V. Sadovnikov c1842 watercolor (below) of the Pompeian Gallery

Painting c1850s (below) of the Pompeian Gallery with doors leading into Empress Alexandra’s Winter Garden [152 on the plan]

K. Ukhtomsky’s c1862 watercolor (below) of the Pompeian Gallery

Chandelier (below) preserved today

During the reign of Alexander III, the architect Gornostaev redesigned the corridor into the Eastern Gallery in 1886. Paintings of battle scenes from the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78 were displayed on the walls.

Photograph c1903 (below) of the Eastern Gallery during the reign of Nicholas II and Alexandra

Photograph c1915 (below) of the Eastern Gallery used as part of the Tsarevich Alexei Hospital in the Winter Palace

Panorama (link below) of the former Pompeian Gallery known today as the Romanov Gallery:


  1. I loved this, thanks so much Joanna for doing a post on it.
    The Dark corridor fascinates me too. Will you do a post about it?
    Ghostie x

  2. It was incredible the first time we walked down the corridor over twenty years ago!

    Dark Corridor - soon!

  3. The photos are remarkable . The blog is interesting , well researched and a joy . Exceptional , Joanna . George Rollins