Friday, 1 June 2018

Chandelier-Shower in the Bathhouse, Peterhof

Empress Maria Alexandrovna suffered chronic inflammation of both lungs since the early 1850s. Dr. K. Hartmann recommended cold water therapy that was widespread in the 18th-19th centuries to treat lung diseases.

Aerial view (below) of Montplaisir Palace and Bathhouse in Peterhof

Emperor Alexander II ordered the architect E. Gunn in 1858 to build a stone wing to Montplaisir Palace in Peterhof for a bathhouse with adjoining dressing rooms, hot/cold baths, pool and shower.

Photographs (below) of the Dressing Room and Toilet

A unique feature in the bathhouse is the Chandelier-Shower (below).

Photograph (below) of the bath and bidet


  1. Wow! Is all of this a recreation? Did the chandelier survive, at least?

  2. What a lovely place, I love the rooms, very beautiful
    Ghostie x