Monday, 26 August 2019

Schloss Rosenau – 200th Anniversary of Prince Albert’s Birth

The Dowager Duchess Augusta of Saxe-Coburg described the birth of her grandson Albert on August 26th 1819 in her diary: ‘I had no suspicion that Louise would be confined this morning. At seven a groom rode over bringing me the news that she had been safely delivered at six of a son. I hurried to the Rosenau’.

Aerial view (below) of Schloss Rosenau northeast of Coburg 

Photograph c1857 (below) of Schloss Rosenau (© Coburg Archives). The architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel redesigned the Rosenau in the Gothic style c1810s.

Photographs c1890 (below) of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s grandchildren at Schloss Rosenau (© Royal Collection) and today - Note the details of Schinkel's Gothic Door

Watercolor by artist Annette Hoffman c2015 (below) of the Gothic door 

Photographs (below) - Staircase in the Round Tower

Marble Hall door to the garden

Interiors on the 2nd Floor

Watercolor c1846 (below) commissioned by Prince Albert in 1846 (© Royal Collection)

Friday, 23 August 2019

Rare Photograph of a Winter Palace Window Washer c1900

A photograph that was taken of the Winter Palace guards during a ceremony on Palace Square reveals a rare sighting on the right of a window washer. He is on a ladder at the 3rd floor windows of the lady-in-waiting’s rooms. Note the three men at the base of the ladder who were assisting in securing the ladder but turned towards the photographer.

Photograph c1900 (below) of the Winter Palace facing the Square

Aerial View (below) of the Winter Palace today