Wednesday, 4 March 2020

The Last Sad Year of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna, Queen of Württemberg

The diaries of Nicholas I reveal fascinating details of Alexandra Feodorovna’s pregnancy and birth of their second daughter Grand Duchess Olga on August 30th 1822 in the Anichkov Palace. Olga would later write a memoir of their family life up to her marriage to Crown Prince Karl of Württemberg in 1846.

Photograph c1892 (below) of the Dowager Queen Olga of Württemberg and her adopted granddaughters sixteen year old Elsa and Olga in Stuttgart
In the 1860s as Karl and Olga had no children they adopted her brother Grand Duke Konstantin’s daughter Grand Duchess Vera, mother of the twin girls in the photograph above. During the quarter century after Karl inherited the throne in 1864 the kingdom of Württemberg lost its important status with Stuttgart mainly a stopping place for family members on a tour of Europe.

In a nine month period Queen Olga mourned the deaths of her brother Grand Duke Nikolai on April 13th 1891, her husband Karl on September 24th and her brother Konstantin on January 13th 1892. Olga herself died soon after on October 18th at the age of seventy.