Thursday, 30 June 2016

Film of the Costume Ball 1903

Nicholas II’s diary Friday, March 14th, 1903 - … After dinner Gan showed us a film in which we saw ourselves marching through the halls of the Hermitage in Russian costumes.

Has anyone seen this film?
Were two films made? The first costume ball was on February 11th and a second held on February 13th as Empress Marie and GD Mikhail A. ‘did not attend the first due to influenza’.


  1. There was a recent Russian documentary put out about the 1903 ball, I just took a quick look through it and it doesn't look like there is any archival footage. Only reenactments of the scenes with images...awkward overall. If you want though, I can upload the documentary to youtube or something if you want to see it. Sadly though, there is no historic footage.

  2. Thank you Laura. I have found out more information on films of the Imperial Family and will write a new post. Also I have more info on Nicholas' diaries that I need to do a follow-up entry.