Monday, 27 June 2016

Winter Palace's Private Garden – 4 years to build; 1 day to demolish

Nicholas II had an enclosed private garden built from 1897 to 1901 on the northwest side of the palace facing the Admiralty.
February 6th, 1897 - … I looked over various models of future fencing for the garden …

His frustration on the slow construction: Jan 24th, 1899 – … I went for a walk in the garden. The grille work was not yet ready and the garden was still enclosed with this ugly wooden fence, which has been there now for two years…
On the eve of May 1st, 1920, 100 trolleys were brought on the narrow rails along the Admiralty. Early morning there were 150 carts and a huge crane on the waterfront and large water tanks for hot tea. Thousands of workers with shovels and crowbars dismantled the brick wall, the crane pulling off the stone plinths.
The fence disappeared in one day.

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