Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Yellow Dining Room #160

Many have speculated  on the location of the yellow dining room. It was generally thought to be #161 on the 2nd floor, part of the 3rd Spare.

Archival documents confirm it as #160. It’s easier now to identify when you look at E. Hau’s 1872 watercolor.


The Crimson drawing room #159 was next to the dining room and sustained parquet damage.

The guardroom #26 was under #160. It appears a small area on the plans. Mezzanines were constructed over #26 resulting in large number of guards stationed there (11 killed, 56 wounded on Feb 5th, 1880).


  1. I was curious about the location. It didn't make sense; under room #161 is the large corridor #27 linking the entrances to the inner courtyard and admiralty side and never identified as a "guardroom

    1. I had wondered why they used #160 for dinner and not the Green Dining Room #308. Then I realized that Empress Marie's bedroom was next to 308 where she lay, dying in May 1880.