Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Alexander II’s Oxygen Chamber in the Winter Palace

Emperor Alexander II’s health deteriorated further in the 1870s. He had suffered from asthma for years, unknown to the public then and now.

Count A. Adlerberg, the Minister of the Court, sent an urgent telegram on September 19th, 1876 from Livadia “… to begin work on the apparatus device according to the drawings that had been sent …”

The device was an oxygen chamber that was built in the room next to Alexander’s dressing room in the Winter Palace.

Hau’s 1871 Dressing Room Of Alexander II

There was a sofa and table inside the chamber with a communication line to the valet’s vestibule and the basement’s three-man team in the engine room.

After the death of Alexander II in 1881, the oxygen chamber continued to be maintained and repaired.

It was in 1928 when V. Vasiliev dismantled the device and transferred it to the Lesgaft Institute in Leningrad.

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