Monday, 4 July 2016

Emperor or Tsar?

Lord Frederick Hamilton in ‘My Yesterdays’ wrote “… I know by experience that it is impossible to din into the heads of those unfamiliar with Russia that since Peter the Great’s time there has never been a Tsar. The words “Tsar”, “Tsarina”, “Cesarevitch”, beloved of journalists, exist only in their imagination; they are never heard in Russia … but I am well aware that it is no use repeating this, the other idea is too firmly ingrained …”

The Chancery stated in 1896 “… the title of the Russian Monarch is Emperor and Imperial Majesty. The title of Tsar, adopted in 1547, remained until 1721 ...”
I use Emperor when typing in Russian but often Tsar for English. Message received Lord Frederick!

The Duma removed by a majority vote the title “Autocrat of All the Russia’s” in 1908.

What title do you use - Emperor or Tsar?

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