Friday, 1 July 2016

Fabergé Cigarette Case

On Thursday January 6th, 1894, Nicholas II wrote in his diary “ …. At 6:30 there was a common dinner in the regiment, during which Kostya offered me a remarkably charming cigarette case from all the officers, by which I was deeply touched. This occurred because of my second anniversary as commanding the battalion …”

The dinner had been scheduled for January 2nd, the date of his joining the Preobrazhensky Regiment, but he was still in Gatchina.
The cigarette case was made by Fabergé.

Grand Duke Konstantin K.’s diary described it as “ …. golden, cannele; on the one side in the midst of red enamel, a golden wreath of oak and laurel leaves is the gold monogram of Peter I, as our banners, and on the other side, in the same wreath and red enamel, 93/2 1/94, Nicky’s entry into our ranks …”
Nicholas has an extensive collection of cigarette cases, some on a shelf in his dressing room in the the Winter Palace. I have the speeches for that day, inventories of his rooms.

Is the owner today aware of its special significance?

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