Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fabergé – Join the Discussion Challenge - 1891 or 1892?

A call to all, enthusiasts and experts, to join the challenging discussion on the timeline for the ‘Memory of Azov’ Eggs. Was it 1891 or 1892?

My belief is that the two Eggs were made by Fabergé  for Easter 1892.

  • Alexander III commissioned Fabergé to make two ‘Memory of Azov’ Easter Eggs in 1891 for his wife and son.
  • Nicholas left on October 23rd, 1890 for the East.
  • It was not a certainty until actual sailing that the ship would be the 'Memory of Azov'.
  • With all the pressures Alexander was under, would the priority be to commission two eggs when he would have known Fabergé was already working on the next year's egg?
  • Nicholas II did not return to St. Petersburg until August 1891.
  • The time frame for Fabergé to complete two eggs in a mere three to four months is questionable.
Irrefutable proof would be an invoice. The kamer-furersky journals would note the delivery by Fabergé to the palace without specifying the contents.

What do you think?  


  1. A reader wrote me that the Gatchina photo was the Standart and that an invoice shows the Empress Marie received the egg in 1891. I haven't seen a copy of it though.

    I will put aside mention of Nicholas' egg until verification a second egg was made, and write in my book about the Memory of Azoz model that Nicholas had in the Winter Palace.