Friday, 29 July 2016

Fabergé - Mystery Solved!

I don’t believe it!

I have the inventory lists of Alexandra’s vitrine in her study in the Winter Palace, including the Easter Eggs, for my book.  My concentration though has been on researching the other Fabergé items in Nicholas and Alexandra’s rooms.

Photos, blogs and forums abound with Imperial Easter Eggs, being the primary topic of interest for Fabergé enthusiasts. It’s impossible to avoid, giving only a quick glance
Then when looking for more photos of Nicholas’ cabin on the ‘Memory of Azov’, hoping to find a glimpse of his piano, a photo of Fabergé’s model of the ship popped up in a Gatchina article (photo below).

Are you kidding me? A light bulb went on! The photo of Empress Marie’s Egg was fresh in my mind from recently uploading the photo. I had looked at Fabergé’s model at various times yet never realized there were two or that there were differences. My Bryson moment!

The Kremlin holds the two Fabergé ‘Memory of Azov’ Easter Eggs that were commissioned by Alexander III for his wife and son in 1891.

Empress Marie’s Egg

Nicholas II’s Egg

Now I am on the path to confirm if Nicholas’ egg was kept with his large model of the ‘Memory of Azov’ ship in the Winter Palace (details in my book). 


  1. Standart egg was made for Alexandra, ordered by Nicholas. Date is 1908. Neither egg has jade. Azov is jasper, Standart lapis lazuli.

  2. What I had seen in Gatchina identified as Nicholas' Azoz egg is the Standart egg. All very confusing! I wonder though of a ship made of jade. Still something to search further upon or hopefully serendipity, the egg materializes magically somewhere.

  3. If you examine the corner cabinet photo of the Maple Room I believe the Standardt Egg was kept at the Alexander Palace

  4. Is there a photo in existence of Alexandra's vitrine in the Winter Palace showing the eggs???

    1. I have posted on the blog a photograph of Nicholas II standing near the vitrine in Alexandra's Study.