Monday, 25 July 2016

Fabergé – Two ' Memory of Azov' Imperial Easter Eggs

Nicholas II sailed on the battleship ‘Memory of Azov’ during his eastern trip in 1890-91.

Were you aware Alexander III commissioned Fabergé to make two Easter eggs with ‘Memory of Azov’ miniatures for his wife and son in 1891?
The famous Imperial Easter Egg in the Kremlin was presented to Empress Marie (photo below).

Alexei Oreshnikov’s  wrote in his diary on February 8th, 1922 that he unpacked in the Kremlin crates from the Anichkov Palace containing “… the gold egg with a finely made model of a battleship, probably ‘Memory of Azov’ …”
On February 27th, 1922 he wrote “… unpacking Nicholas II’s … Fabergé … in a glass egg, a tiny model of a battleship of gold and jade …”

What happened to Nicholas II’s Egg?
And if commissioned in 1891, wouldn’t the date the Egg was presented to the Empress be Easter 1892?

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  1. Hello Joanna,
    I thought it took about a year to make such an Easter Egg. Nicholas II made the trip in 1890 and I guess Fabergé started working on it right away in order to present the Egg with Easter in 1891. (Dated invoice is known).

    That second battleship egg of gold and jade... At first I thought it had to be the 1909 Standart Egg, lots of glass, a ship, but there is no jade but lapis lazuli. Perhaps Alexei Oreshnikov did not know his hardstones.

    Both Eggs ended up in the Kremlin and were never sold abroad.

    Best greetings,