Friday, 22 July 2016

HM Own Chancellery - Alexander S. Taneyev

Court Ministers and officials adamantly opposed Alexander III and Nicholas II having a secretary, who could directly or indirectly influence the Emperor.

Although a secretary was rejected, parts of the Emperor’s workload were managed by various Ministry departments. The Minister of the Court handled official letters to members of the Imperial Family. Foreign Affairs were in charge of the correspondence with foreign sovereigns.

Alexander Taneyev, the head of HM Own Chancellery and father of Anna Vyrubova, prepared rescripts for court ranks, etc.

Many are unaware that Nicholas II visited Anna Vyrubova’s childhood home in St. Petersburg. The Chancellery offices were located in the left wing of the Mikhailovsky Palace where the Taneyev family occupied a state apartment.

Nicholas wrote on Friday, December 7th, 1912 “… To my Chancellery for its 100 year jubilee. After a prayer I sat in a group with all the officials and went over to Taneyev’s apartment. Had tea with the family and then looked over all the rooms upstairs and downstairs ..”

Below is an aerial view of the Mikhailovsky Palace’s left wing and its inner courtyard. 

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