Thursday, 14 July 2016

Moscow Coronations

I like to figure out codes. Martin Scorsese wrote “… Leo Marks [Between Silk and Cyanide], a brilliant cryptographer … I was immediately swept into his secret world of codes and ‘undecipherables’, trying at times (without success) to unravel the puzzles myself …”

When reading about the new book by Janet Aston and Greg King on the Moscow Coronations [], I remembered how odd that three of the coronations ended in the number 6:

Nicholas I – 1826
Alexander II –1856
Alexander III – 1882
Nicholas II – 1896

Thirty years (1826-1856) and  forty years (1856-1896) separated the reigns. The odd number is 1882, the only Emperor who did not live in the Winter Palace.

I am mystified why officials, reviewing previous coronations in 1896, did not heed the mistakes in 1856. Negative reactions were widespread when crowds stampeded on Khodynsky Field and then Alexander II attended the ball given by the French Ambassador, Comte de Morny.

The 1856 incidents are forgotten today, 1896 dominant.

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