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Naming of Son - Alexei

If a son had been born in 1895, he would have been named Paul. It is possible to connect several influences for Nicholas’ choice of the name Alexei.

Count Sheremetev wrote ” … Alexander III … showed me the details of his [3rd floor cabinet] … I noticed a beautiful portrait of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, unusual for the Winter Palace …”
Nicholas II wrote in his diary on Monday, February 21st, 1894 “ …In the evening I put on a ‘falconer’s’ caftan from the time of Alexei Mikhailovich … rode to the Costume Ball at Count Sheremetev’s … I myself was very pleased with my costume, Xenia had given me this good idea …”

Nicholas chose the costume of Tsar Alexie Mikhailovich for the 1903 Costume Ball.
He writes a rare emotional entry on  November 1st, 1908 “… I received the sad news from Paris that Uncle Alexei has died … My most favorite of uncles has died – most noble, honest and very kind of heart. May the Kingdom of Heaven be his! …”

Birth announcements were prepared prior to the birth of their first child in 1895 with his mother’s agreement; a boy Paul, a girl Olga.
By the summer of 1904, Nicholas had long separated himself from the controlling influence of his mother and chose to name his son Alexei.

The last word is in Nicholas’ diary on August 11th, 1904 “ … the christening of our dear son … The main godparents were Mama and Uncle Alexei …”

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