Monday, 11 July 2016

Nicholas II’s 'Hidden' Staircase

How did I miss the connection?

In my previous post, I wrote about the six internal staircases in Nicholas and Alexandra’s half. One was an iron circular staircase, installed in 1895, that went from Nicholas’ 2nd floor room to the basement’s door to the private garden.
With over 50 binders of research material on the Winter Palace, hundreds of tabs, overlaps are inevitable. Unknowns are filed temporarily until confirmed.  Memory is critical when needing to reference several binders for writing my book.

I looked at my c1926 photo of the dismantling of the iron staircase on the 1st floor for the post.
Later going through another binder I was stunned, realizing a c1922 photo shows the same room, only the protruding walls were still intact.

What was puzzling, now seems simple!


  1. This is the same iron staircase that accessed the room Nicholas I died just below Nicholas II's study? Do you have a photo of this staircase?

  2. Nicholas II's staircase is a different one than Nicholas I's in 1855. Prior to 1895, N I's staircase was in #181, dismantled, and in 1895 N II's was in #180. Through the years, structural changes were constant. I have a photo of N II's but only floorplans of N I's staircase c1850s.