Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nichols & Plincke [Николсу и Плинке] – ‘The English Shop’

Nichols & Plincke, the English Shop, was one of the most expensive and popular shops St. Petersburg. It was located on the northeast corner of the Nevsky Prospekt and Bolshaya Morskaya on the 2nd floor.

A section (below) of Vasily Sadovnikov’s Panorama of the Nevsky Prospekt depicts the English Shop c1830 on the left.

The photo below is a view of the corner c1900. The Arch of the General Staff Building leading to Palace Square is visible.

The English Shop supplied for example the malachite fireplace in the Malachite Hall of the Winter Palace. Members of the Imperial family were frequent patrons, browsing the aisles and buying items.

In 1839 Nicholas I bought a ‘book for income and expenditure wardrobe amounts’ to be used in 1840. It is made of green morocco leather, embossed with gilt, and cost 20 rubles.

The Emperor received a 5% discount as a “lucrative, regular customer”.

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