Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Odyssey of Nicholas’ Piano

On October 23rd, 1890 Nicholas left St. Petersburg to begin his eastern trip traveling on the battleship ‘Memory of Azov’.

The day before the journey Nicholas’ valet, Radtsig, requested that the piano in the Alexander Palace be rushed to the ship and placed in the cabin of the heir. The photo below shows part of the cabin.

Was the piano in the rooms of Nicholas and George in the Alexander Palace? Alexander III and his family never returned to Tsarskoe Selo to live after 1881.

After the return of Nicholas in 1891, the piano was placed in the Winter Palace. Was it in the newly renovated suite constructed for Nicholas on the 3rd floor in the Winter Palace which he never did live in? (My book describes in detail the rooms.)

In May 1899 the piano was delivered back to the Alexander Palace. 


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  2. In the Russian Imperial Palaces, there were numerous pianos of different makes. I don't know which piano they preferred, only note the ones in their private rooms which seem to be the favorite.