Tuesday, 16 August 2016

3rd Spare Drawing Room on the 2nd Floor in the Winter Palace

The 3rd Spare ‘Ship’ room on the 2nd floor of the Winter Palace was renovated in 1856 into a drawing room.

This suite of rooms of the younger sons of Nicholas I, after their marriages and the succession of Alexander II, were converted into two separate areas: half on the right were taken over by Alexander and half on the left made into a rarely used guest apartment.

J. Charlemagne’s 1856 watercolor (below) of the ‘Ship’ room.

Hau’s 1872 watercolor (below) of the drawing room.

The centerpiece of the drawing room on the right is the vase designed by G. Bosset in 1856 and manufactured by the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Today the vase is exhibited in the former study of Nicholas II (below).

Interior of the bowl (below).

It is fortunate that the vase had sat on a high plinth to obscure the bolts needed to secure the four mythological snakes to the bowl.

On the left is the door to the anteroom and the Dark Corridor. The anteroom remains today but its interior staircase was removed.

Two views (below) of the Drawing Room today.

I am in awe of the restoration work by the Hermitage, to one day ‘step into the past’. Are you?

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