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Aerial Tour of the Exterior Layout of the Winter Palace (1)

The aerial below shows the Winter Palace from Palace Square in the south looking north to the Neva. The southern façade extends from the Admiralty on the left to Millionnaya Street on the right.

2nd Floor Southern Facade:

To the left of the central major gate to the large inner courtyard in the southwestern corner were the rooms of Empress Marie, wife of Alexander II.

The rooms along the central part over the major gate are the 5 Military Halls.

To the right in the southeastern corner were the rooms of the 1st Spare. These rooms were occupied by the sons of Alexander II in the 1850s-1860s and later converted into guest suites for Trepov, Stolypin, etc.

1st Floor Southern Façade:

The former rooms of Grand Dukes Sergei and Paul, sons of Alexander II, were on the 1st floor is the far corner, extending along the Admiralty side. The rooms to the left of the major gate were service rooms.

The rooms to the right of the major gate in the southeastern corner contained guard rooms, apartments, and the Commandant of the Palace’s 12 room suite. Mezzanines were built over the rooms, creating double the number of apartments.

3rd Floor Southern Façade:

The White Hall’s ceiling on the 2nd floor extended to the 3rd floor in the southwestern corner. The rooms encircling this corner around the inner courtyard were occupied by former nannies, servants and service rooms.

The central area on the 3rd floor over the major gate was called the Freylinsky (Maids of Honor) Corridor. There were over 75 rooms along the corridor, a staggering number. It created an atmosphere of gossip and competition among the ladies in their small enclosed world.

The architect A. Sivkov dismantled these small rooms in the 1930s creating an exhibition space for the Hermitage of 30 rooms.

To the far right in the southeastern corner were located 3 apartments and servant rooms.

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