Friday, 26 August 2016

Aerial Tour of the Exterior Layout of the Winter Palace (3)

The panorama of the Hermitage (below) is from the northeast Neva side looking south to Palace Square.

The lower right buildings are the Old Hermitage, facing the Neva and the New Hermitage on Millionnaya Ul.

Next is the Small Hermitage with its wonderful view of the rooftop garden.

On the 1st floor  of the Small Hermitage, facing the Neva, was the apartment of the Director of the Hermitage. In the Director’s drawing room, Nicholas II (and others) would climb down a hidden staircase to have a smoking break during the Hermitage Balls.

Next you see the full length of the Winter Palace itself from the Neva side.

First, on the southwestern corner were the Offices of the Minister of the Court. The Minister’s apartment was on the 2nd floor.

Next is the enfilade of state rooms from the Jordan Staircase through the Anteroom, Nicholas Hall and Concert Hall.

In the far northwestern corner, on the upper right facing the Admiralty, were the apartments of Nicholas and Alexandra on the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor were the Children’s rooms.

Do you see the number of inner courtyards? I will post a close-up panoramic view of the courtyards with fascinating details.


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