Monday, 22 August 2016

Furniture in the Winter Palace – Bedrooms (1)

Once a researcher, always a researcher! Although time is critical with my Winter Palace writing, it is impossible to resist snatching moments to search on other places.

It was fortunate, as it led to my discovery of the identification of a piece of furniture in the palace bedrooms of the Imperial Family that has baffled me.

I was reading the conference report on the 100th anniversary of Anatoly Kuchumov, the Director of the Alexander, Catherine and Pavlovsk palaces from the 1930s until his retirement.

And there it was - a description of a large inverted ‘V’ basket, made of wood and fabric, in the bedrooms of the Winter Palace.

Hau’s 1859 watercolor (below) of Nicholas I and Alexandra’s bedroom with the basket at the end of the bed.

Premazzi’s 1852 watercolor (below) of Empress Marie A.’s bedroom with the basket on the right by the door.

Hau’s 1868 watercolor (below) of the Children’s bedroom on the 1st Floor with the basket between the pillars.

It is too large for a waste basket, nor could it be a hamper since the maids and valets handled their clothes.

Then I read the incredibly informative Kuchumov report. It is a basket for the pillows.  Did you know? Today, we toss our pillows on a chair.

Note to self: never ignore the impulse to search.


  1. Do you know what it was used for?

  2. It is a basket where they put their pillows.