Monday, 8 August 2016

Pompeian Dining Room in the Winter Palace

The Pompeian Dining Room was one of three dining rooms in Empress Alexandra’s apartment on the 2nd floor in the Winter Palace.

Although it was not the Imperial family’s main dining room. They used, for their daily meals, a very large room at the other end of the suite.  It was split into three separate rooms for Nicholas II in 1895 that I describe in detail in my forthcoming book.

The Pompeian dining room was decorated by A. Bruillov in 1840. Europe had been fascinated with Pompeii during the 1830s and many recreated the style in their homes.

Ukhtomsky’s 1862 watercolor (below) of the Pompeian Dining Room

Detail of the Ceiling (below)

Alexander Bruillov also designed the furniture that was produced in the Gambs workshop.

The chairs and tables were decorated with ancient Roman murals. Mythological creatures were carved on the legs of the foot stools and tables and painted a dark bronze. Today they are exhibited in the former study of Nicholas II (below).


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