Friday, 2 September 2016

Aerial Tour of the Exterior Layout of the Winter Palace (4)

The panorama of the Winter Palace (below) is from the northwest on the Neva side looking southeast to the Church of the Blood in the far distance.

The lower left is the northwest corner with the apartments of Nicholas and Alexandra. The inner courtyard with its golden color is clearly visible, where the Alexander III's billiard room windows looked out.

The middle section facing the former private garden were the rooms of Alexander II. Empress Marie’s suite is in the southeast corner (note her inner courtyard).

Beyond the Large Inner Courtyard are the State rooms. Ministry offices were located in the northeast corner and the former rooms of Alexander II’s sons in the southeast corner.

A close-up view (below) of the northwest corner with the Telegraph Tower.

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  1. Amazing. I didn't know how huge (pardon the Trump expression for everything!) this was until I saw this aer1al view. Seeing it from ground level does not convey the size like these photos do. Thank you.