Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Alexander II’s Reception Room in the Winter Palace

In my post yesterday [], I wrote about the door in Alexander II’s reception room that led to the platform, over the Saltykov entrance, where the family watched the parades.

After the fire in 1837, the architect A. Briullov retained many of the elements of Quaranghi's design for the room previously used by Alexander I and Nicholas I.

Painting (below) of Quarenghi’s Reception Room pre 1837

Hau’s watercolor (below) of Alexander II’s Reception Room c1860s (note the open door to the Billiard room)

On December 5th/17th, 1866 the American Ambassador Clay accompanied Nathan Appleton and Charles Longfellow to the Winter Palace to be presented to Alexander II.

Appleton wrote “… were formally ushered into His Majesty’s billiard room, where we were received by two of the chamberlains, and from there we went into the reception room …”

After the meeting, they went down the Saltykov Staircase  and “… while waiting in the hall below for our sleigh … the Tsar came bounding down the staircase, followed by his favorite Newfoundland dog …”

I am awed with the restoration work by the Hermitage shown in the photos below.

Isn’t the room beautiful?  Dream with me, to one day walk there and step into the past!


  1. We Love You, Alexandra and Csar Nicholas, and your children.
    Rest In Peace-------------We Forever Miss You All *****

  2. Beautiful architecture and interior design.

  3. I'm dreaming yes, of walking these gilded rooms where History's spirits linger....

  4. The Hermitage's restoration is a dream, so much retained.