Friday, 30 September 2016

Nicholas II Visits Mikhailovka Palace, Peterhof (1)

The Mikhailovka Palace on the Peterhof road was built for the youngest son of Nicholas I, Grand Duke Mikhail. The architects, J. Charlemagne, A. Stackenschneider and H. Bosse, left their imprint on the palace during different periods creating a mixture of Greek, Italian and English styles.

Aerial views (below) of the Mikhailovka estate today

Nicholas II as Grand Duke visited his Mikhailovich cousins often and continued after he became Emperor. By 1894, his great-uncle, Grand Duke Mikhail, was the last surviving child of Nicholas I. Uncle Misha was adamant that the family Sunday dinners continue with Nicholas.

Grand Duchess Xenia married Alexander Mikhailovich in 1894 and lived at Mikhailova Palace during the summer months.

On Monday, May 30th, 1895 Nicholas wrote “We rose very early and went to Mikhailovka after breakfast to see Uncle Misha and Xenia …”

Photographs (below) of the exterior of Mikhailovka Palace c1890s and today

On Friday, July 5th, 1896 Nicholas wrote “... with Alix went off in a two-wheeled cart to see Xenia at Mikhailovka. She was just still getting dressed and Irina was playing on the floor …”

Photographs (below) of the drawing room c1861 and today


  1. Oh, I didn't know this even still existed! In such a sad state, yes, but I've seen worse buildings restored. They're rebuilding the Lower Dacha at Peterhof from the ground up. I'd much rather they put that time and effort into saving something like this....

    Thank you for this. I've only recently discovered this blog and appreciate it so very much. : )

  2. Why don't make them beautiful again? I will love to have one beautify home like this for my self and my lovely dog

  3. Thank you very much. Mikhialovka is not owned by the government, either a university or scientific labs. Much though remains of the interior that hopefully one day will be restored.