Friday, 16 September 2016

Nicholas II’s Curiosity - Fredensborg Palace, Denmark (4)

On Tuesday, September 7th, 1899 while on a visit to Denmark, Nicholas II wrote “… Today, at last, my longstanding desire to visit dear Fredensborg was realized … We looked over my well-known house, I all the smallest things, each corner brought to mind the good old days of long ago … I was so glad to show Fredensborg to Alix …”

Aerial View below of Fredensborg Slot

Nicholas and Prince Nicholas of Greece (below) visiting Fredensborg on September 7th, 1899

Nicholas and Princess Victoria – September 7th, 1899

Was Nicholas ‘well-known house’ the Kancellihuset (photo below)?

Or is Nicholas referring to Alexander III’s Kejserens Villa (photo below)?

The Villa in the park of Bernstorff Palace by Copenhagen (see below Jens Christian Eldal  comment on the identification of the above villa).


  1. Thanks a lot for your excellent blog! I just came across your notes of these photos from Denmark which are not correctly identified. Alexander IIIs villa in Fredensborg is correctly shown in the aerial view. See: The close up, however, shows The Swedish Villa in the park of Bernstorff Palace by Copenhagen. It was prefabricated in Sweden and shown on the Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen 1888. Afterwards it was bought by queen Louise (born a Swedish princess) and erected as a guest cottage at the family's summer residence at Bernstorff. So, the Russian imperial family was obviously also visiting relatives there. Both villas are still excisting. Information about the Swedish villa:

    1. I am sorry, there was a mistake sneaking in in my comment above. The queen Louise was not born a Swedish princess. However, her daughter in law, the next Danish queen, with the same name (or Lovisa in Swedish) was indeed born a Swedish princess).

    2. Thanks Jens Christian! I have edited to call it Villa in Bernstorff.

  2. Thank you very much Jens Christian! I have kept the photo of the villa even though it is in Bernstorff as it has been misidentified for others too.