Friday, 16 September 2016

Nicholas II’s Curiosity - Fredensborg Palace, Denmark (4)

On Tuesday, September 7th, 1899 while on a visit to Denmark, Nicholas II wrote “… Today, at last, my longstanding desire to visit dear Fredensborg was realized … We looked over my well-known house, I all the smallest things, each corner brought to mind the good old days of long ago … I was so glad to show Fredensborg to Alix …”

Aerial View below of Fredensborg Slot

Nicholas and Prince Nicholas of Greece (below) visiting Fredensborg on September 7th, 1899

Nicholas and Princess Victoria – September 7th, 1899

Was Nicholas ‘well-known house’ the Kancellihuset (photo below)?

Or is Nicholas referring to Alexander III’s Kejserens Villa (photos below)?

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