Monday, 19 September 2016

Nicholas I's Cabinet on the 3rd Floor of the Winter Palace

Nicholas I’s large cabinet was on the 3rd floor of the northwest corner of the Winter Palace from 1840 until 1850 when he moved to his small cabinet on the 1st floor.

Hau’s watercolor (below) of the Large Cabinet c1860

On the right wall is Franz Kruger’s painting ‘Parade on the Opernplatz in Berlin’ that was commissioned by Nicholas I in 1824. It depicts the Brandenburg Cuirassiers whose command Nicholas had been given by his father-in-law, King Frederick Wilhelm III.

Kruger’s painting was returned to Berlin by Nicholas’ namesake.

The Imperial yacht Standart sailed into Revel on Wednesday, June 20th, 1912 and Kaiser Wilhelm’s yacht, the Hohenzollern, arrived the next day.

On Thursday, June 21st, 1912 Nicholas II wrote “… At 8 PM we had a big dinner on our yacht, after which we talked and smoked on the quarterdeck, turned into a salon …”

Kruger’s ‘Parade on the Opernplatz’ was among the gifts Nicholas presented to Wilhelm before the dinner.

Kruger’s ‘Parade on the Opernplatz’ (below) now in Berlin’s National Gallery

Nicholas I’s large cabinet today (below) that has been stunningly restored in the last three years along with other former rooms of the Emperor on the 3rd floor  (note the incredible ceiling details).

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