Monday, 5 September 2016

Teplitz (Teplice) Castle

I am fascinated with Teplitz (Teplice) Castle, northwest of Prague, the Clary-Aldringen family home.

(photos below c1870 and today)

During my research, I have come across numerous references to the Clary’s and Teplitz. One relative was the Countess Ekaterina Tiesenhausen who had a suite of rooms in the Winter Palace. I also read the diaries of her sister Countess Daria de Ficquelmont.

Marie A. Vassiltchikov, lady-in-waiting to Grand Duchess Ella, completed drawings for the rooms of Nicholas II in the Winter Palace in 1895. In her book ‘Berlin Diaries 1940-45', Missie Vassiltchikov wrote of her visit to Teplitz in May 1940 and whose mother was a distant cousin of Alfy Clary. The Vassiltchikov family was a prominent presence during the Imperial reigns. Empress Marie’s diaries during her stay in the Crimea in 1918-19 often mentions meetings with the family and the young Missie and her sisters.


  1. Princess Marie Vassiltchikov, author of the Berlin Diaries, was born during WWI. Her family departed Russia in 1918 when she was approximately three years old. There must have been a different artist who painted the Winter Palace rooms mentioned here.

  2. The Marie Vassiltchikov who completed drawings of the Winter Palace in 1895 was a relative of the author of the Berlin Diaries.