Thursday, 22 September 2016

Winter Palace to Grand Duchess Olga’s Palace on Sergievskaya Ulitza

On Wednesday, February 22nd, 1912 Nicholas II wrote “… I went to the city to a big reception in the Winter Palace. Had lunch at Olga’s with Misha. Returned to Tsarskoe Selo at 3 PM …”

Aerial (below) looking east from the Winter Palace to the Summer Garden and beyond to Sergievskaya Ulitza

Aerial (below) looking further east from the Summer Garden to the district of Sergievskaya Ulitza

Grand Duchess Olga’s Palace on Sergievskaya Ul (below) c1900

Nicholas II’s diaries were never intended as aides-mémoire to preserve experiences and emotions but rather records of his daily routines.

What did Nicholas, Olga and Misha talk about during lunch? Was it a reconciliation between Olga and Misha? Why didn’t Empress Marie or Alexandra attend? Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duke Mikhail’s 1912 diaries, if extant, may reveal more than a terse line.

Their future is known to us; it is consoling to know they had been once again together as brothers and sister.

Interiors of Grand Duchess Olga’s Palace today – Monogram of Olga (below)

Main Staircase

Oak Drawing Room

Dining Room


Gothic Drawing Room