Monday, 17 October 2016

Nicholas II’s Curiosity – Alexander Palace in Moscow

I was baffled when Nicholas II refered to the Alexander Palace or Alexandria Garden in Moscow in his diaries. I associate the Alexander Palace with Tsarskoe Selo and Alexandria with Peterhof.

The confusion was with the name. I knew of the Neskuchne (Нескучное) estate but was unaware, after being sold to Nicholas I in November 1826, it was renamed Alexandria for the Empress Alexandra.

Photograph (below) of the Alexander Palace in Moscow May 1896
(clique on photo to enlarge)

On Monday, May 6th, 1896 Nicholas II and Alexandra arrived in Moscow for the Coronation. They stayed for two nights at the Petrovsky Palace. On Thursday, May 9th they made their official entrance into Moscow. After tea in the Kremlin at 5 PM, they left to stay at the Alexander Palace.

Nicholas II wrote “… Alix and I left for Alexandria. I lodged in my old room … We had supper together and I walked around the entire house, which I did not remember at all …”

Photographs of the Halls (below) in the Alexander Palace May 1896

Photograph (below) of the Alexander Palace (Neskuchne) today

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