Monday, 24 October 2016

Plan c1900 of the Freylinsky Corridor on the 3rd Floor of the Winter Palace

The Freylinsky (Ladies-In-Waiting) Corridor in the Winter Palace was a ‘maze’ of apartments as described by the ladies in their memoirs, diaries and letters.

The plan below shows the layout of the corridor c1900 and today. The rooms were renovated in the 1930s by the architect Sivkov for exhibition space.

(clique on plan to enlarge)

368-376 Apartments (governesses, dressmakers)
Rooms 334 to 349 Freylinsky Corridor (Ladies-in-Waiting)
Corridor of 10 Apartments c1896
Frau M. Geringer 19 to 21
E. Schneider 18
350                   Alexandra Zhukovsky (Grand Duke Alexei A.’s love)
341 & 346         Former bathroom/toilet
315 to 332         Servant Rooms
                        Archives of the Ministry of the Imperial Court
                        Senior Livery Offices