Monday, 21 November 2016

Imperial Train

On Sunday, August 17th, 1897 leaving Peterhof for Moscow, Nicholas II wrote “…Alix, I and both daughters in totally new train carriages, fitted out remarkably comfortable – there is even a bathtub…” and next day “…I slept wonderfully and enjoyed the bath…”

The family later went to Darmstadt and on Monday, October 13th, 1897 Nicholas wrote “…After the theatre, we went to the station and boarded our train. We showed the train in all its details and then sat down to eat. We had a merry time and returned home at 11:15.”

Photographs (below) of the Interiors of the Imperial Train

Nicholas’ Bath

Drawing Room

Cabinet – Nicholas II

Cabinet – Alexandra II

Bedroom – Grand Duchess Olga N.


Entourage - Bedroom, Bath

Cabinet – Maid of Honor

Dining Room


Loading of the Imperial automobile onto the train


  1. this is just fascinating!! thank you

  2. Wonderful. Interesting that so many of the rooms - compartments? - have the same fabric on their ceilings, even though they have a different covering on the walls. Also, the two images shown under the heading "Cabinet - Nicholas II" seem to be of different spaces. Same wall lighting fixtures - the same as in several of the rooms shown - same ceiling fabric, similar furniture, but all the rest is different.

  3. Thank you very much for your comments!

    If you look at the first photo of NII's cabinet, you can see through the door the same style of chair. I haven't looked closely at the moment at the drawings of the plans of the interior to clarify for you.

  4. That's it! You can see the room in the second image in the look-through in the first image. Same wall covering, same chair, same small table. (Always love this sort of "detective" work!)

  5. Are that grab handles hanging from the kitchen ceiling above the work surfaces?

  6. I think they must be grab handles! Thank you for the observation.

    1. I love the reflection of the camera in drawing room carriage door mirror