Wednesday, 30 November 2016

St. Petersburg Photographs c1850s

I am passionate about my research and I am obsessed with following the minutest leads I stumble across. I can’t remember what to buy in the grocery store without a list, yet ask me about the Winter Palace or my next book and I will babble on for hours until your eyes glaze over.

There are times though I stop and delight in the enchantment of my discoveries. One such moment was finding the photographs (below) of St. Petersburg in the 1850s; a window into the past of the city that Nicholas I and his son Alexander knew.

Aerial of the Admiralty and Winter Palace

Winter Palace & Palace Square

New Hermitage & Millionnaya

Winter Palace facing the Admiralty

Aerial Admiralty

Admiralty & Gorokhovaya Ul

St. Isaac’s

Senate & Synod

Statue of Nicholas I, St. Isaac’s Square

Statue of Peter the Great

English Embankment

Nicholas Bridge

Chapel on Nicholas Bridge

Academy of Arts

Nevsky Prospekt

Kazan Cathedral

Anichkov Bridge

Alexandrinsky Theatre

Mikhailovsky Castle

Mariinsky Theatre

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