Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Winter Palace - Anichkov Palace 1837

After the fire destroyed the Winter Palace on December 17th, 1837, Nicholas I and Empress Alexandra returned to live in the Anichkov Palace until the restoration in 1840.

The Anichkov Palace is more widely known today as the residence of Alexander III and Empress Marie from 1866 to 1894 and later her dowager home.

Yet the Anichkov was the beloved marital home of Nicholas I and Alexandra from 1817 to 1825. After their move to the Winter Palace in 1825, the family often returned to the Anichkov Palace for week long stays and would hold a number of smaller Imperial balls during the season.

Luigi Premazzi’s watercolors of the interiors of the Anichkov Palace during the years of Nicholas I are a rare find. We are more familiar with photographs of the rooms from the years of Alexander III which had been renovated in 1866 at the time of his marriage.

V. Sadovnikov’s  Watercolor (below) of the Anichkov Palace c1840s

L. Premazzi’s Watercolors c1850s (below) of the interiors of the Anichkov Palace and Ukhtomsky's of its Church interior

White Drawing Room


Ukhtomsky's watercolor of the Church c1850s

Nicholas I’s Dressing Room

Alexandra’s Cabinet

Nicholas & Alexandra’s Blue Bedroom

Alexandra’s Dressing Room

Alexandra’s Boudoir

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