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Such a warm, friendly place!

Under Alexander I, Ropsha Palace was administered by the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty. In 1826, Nicholas I gave the Ropsha estate to his wife Alexandra who loved this ‘quiet place’. In 1857, the estate was transferred to the Department of Principalities and reconstructed. Ropsha was used primarily for hunting and fishing.

Aerials (below) of Ropsha

Photograph c1900 and Plan (below) of Ropsha Palace

Plan (below) of the Ropsha estate in 1853

On Tuesday, August 3rd, 1899 Nicholas II wrote “ … Having said goodbye to Mama and my two older daughters, we went to Ropsha, where we arrived towards 7 pm. I went around the whole park. For dinner: Uncle Vladimir, Aunt Mikhen and Elena. It was a warm evening. We unpacked in Papa’s and Mama’s rooms. The youngest daughter also arrived ...” The next day he wrote “We woke up to a divine morning; it was marvelous all day. Ropsha – such a warm, friendly place, especially in good weather …”

On Thursday, June 29th, 1906 Nicholas wrote “… At 7:15 Alix, Stana, Orloff, and I went off to Ropsha … had dinner at the palace; Kuba provided the meal. We took a walk for while in the Pheasantry …”

On Friday, April 30th, 1910 Nicholas wrote “… After lunch I went with Irene [Alexandra’s sister], Olga and Tatiana to Ropsha by automobile. We showed her the palace and park …”

During our first visit, when driving from Krasnoe Selo to Strelna, we had difficulty finding Ropsha. The trees hid the palace and lake from the road!

Photograph (below) of Ropsha’s reconstruction

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