Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Moscow’s Petrovsky Palace and Khodynka Field

There have been many articles, books and photographs published on the Moscow Coronation of Nicholas II in May 1896.

It was stunning to realize when viewing a series of photographs how close the Khodynka Field was to the Petrovsky Palace (below).

Photographs (below) as follows: Empress Alexandra’s Carriage, Grand Duchess Victoria Melita’s Carriage, Grand Duke Mihail Nikailovich, Imperial Tent, Nicholas & Alexandra leaving St. Sergius of Radonezh, Nicholas II drinking health of the Regiments.


  1. Wonderful images! I wonder who the other two ladies are in the carriage with the Grand Duchess of Hesse; since Victoria Melita is seated backwards in the carriage, it would be safe to assume that the others are of at least equal if not higher rank. Are we certain that this isn't actually the Empress' carriage? The equipage looks identical. And the lady on the left nearest the camera - could - conceivably be the Empress. The wider shot above doesn't give the appearance that there's anyone in the back-facing seat, but if there was, and she shifted her parasol just at that moment, perhaps she wouldn't fully appear....

  2. It was captioned as the Empress' carriage in the photo album.

    Could it be Victoria Melita's mother Grand Duchess Marie A. and her sister Sandra?