Monday, 20 March 2017

Court Photographer in Coburg Germany

On April 8th, 1894 Nicholas II became engaged to Alix while in Coburg to attend the wedding of Grand Duke Ernest and Victoria Melita.

On Thursday, April 14th, 1894 Nicholas wrote “… At 11:15 I went with Alix and all her sisters to the local photographer, where we had our pictures taken in various poses, each one alone and in pairs. The stuffiness in his studio was hellish …”

Photograph (below) of Nicholas & Alix taken on April 14th

Photographs (below) of Professor Eduard Uhlenhuth, the Court Photographer, and his former studio in Coburg

On Wednesday, April 20th, 1894 Nicholas wrote “… Alix and I … have our picture taken at Uhlenhuth’s. He brought photo proofs of us together; she is in an open-neck dress and I in my Hussar’s fur-trimmed jacket …”

Photograph (below) of Nicholas & Alix taken on April 20th

Eduard Uhlenhuth, born in 1853, opened his first studio in Coburg in 1880. By 1898, he had expanded his photography business to Rudolfstadt and Schweinfurt. His descendants continue the tradition today in Schweinfurt.

Photograph (below) of Uhlenhuth company in Schweinfurt today 


  1. Joanna.
    Great post, love the photos of Nicholas II and Alexandra, she was a very pretty lady and Nicholas could be George V twin brother they look so much alike!
    It's great that photos like these are still around for us to see today.
    Ghostie x.

  2. There were a number of photos taken those two days in 1894. I am in awe though that Uhlenhuth is still a company today! I love these historical searches.