Friday, 9 June 2017

Children’s Island in Tsarskoe Selo

The children’s island is next to the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo and was designed by V. Stasov in 1827 and completed in 1830 for Nicholas I and Alexandra's children. Later generations played on the island; Alexander III's until 1880 and then Nicholas II's. The children of Alexander II had their own islands near the Zubov Wing of the Catherine Palace.

Aerial view (below) of the Alexander Palace with the pond of the children’s island in the upper right

The central door is in a wide semicircular niche and the facades were decorated with garlands.

Photographs (below) of the little house

It had a living room the length of the house and two chambers on the right for Alexander and Maria and two on the left for Olga and Alexandra. The rooms were decorated in the Empire style and the furniture upholstered in leather for the living room and Alexander’s, cretonne for the girls. Wooden partitions between the small rooms were moved by a special mechanism. A small wooden kitchen was next to the house.

Plan (below) of the little house

To the right of the house, on the headland called ‘Cape of Good Sasha’, is the granite dock for the ferry.


  1. So charming. I'd thought it was in a more restored state, though...?

  2. What an attractive little house! There's something I don't understand in the floor plan though. The middle windows on the sides, are they decorative only? It would appear on the plan that there are walls (or more likely some kind of partition) in the middle of them? Also, the kitchen was detached, but what about the bathrooms? Would there have been a separate bathhouse or even an outhouse?

    Great blog!

    1. I'm sorry, I didn't see that you mentioned they were movable partitions!

    2. I was surprised about the movable partitions and then realized that was what the architects employed also in the palaces i.e. maids rooms etc.