Wednesday, 7 June 2017

May in Peterhof – June in Canada

The challenges with spring weather – one year warm, next year cold – one day sunny, another day rain!

In Peterhof on Tuesday May 11th 1899 Nicholas II wrote ‘the horrible cold weather continued, in the afternoon it was 9C with very strong winds … We froze during dinner in my study because the wind was blowing so forcefully through the windows … up to 10C even with the heat on!’ And then on Tuesday May 18th ‘the weather was unbearable, wind again and intermittent rain’ and Friday May 21st ‘I have taken offense at the weather and had double window frames installed in my study!’

Three years later on Thursday May 23rd 1902 ‘a brisk wind was blowing in from the sea, but the day was warm.’

Aerial photographs (below) of Peterhof

In Canada on June 3rd 2017 there was a slight wind blowing in from lake but the day was warm!

Photographs (below) of a lovely spring day in Canada

And on June 6th 2017 it was horrible cold weather in the afternoon 9C with very strong winds!


  1. The weather is constantly changing here! We've just gone into winter and where I live isn't far from the sea. This morning we started off at 4°C, then the sun came out and warmed things up a bit and now (this evening as I type this) it's drizzling with the chance on rain and it's turned cold again!
    I do however doubt that the winters here in Australia don't get quite as cold as they do in Russia or Canada I think it just feels cold to us.
    Ghostie x.

  2. I do love the changing seasons here. But it is easy to complain when I am cold and to forget the problems of summer. Bugs and I do not get along right now! I write in my book a funny episode with Empress Marie Alexandrovna and mosquitoes!

  3. Garlic, mozzies hate it!(not a proven fact as far as I know)
    Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I love the ever changing colours of the leaves but it's an awful messy season.

  4. I do love garlic! Mosquitoes beware!