Friday, 16 June 2017

Rare Photographs of the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo c1895

The archives hold incredible color stereoscopic images of the interiors of the Catherine Palace and Park in Tsarskoe Selo from 1895 (title and photo below):

Alexander II’s Study in the Zubov Wing of the Catherine Palace


Chinese Salon

 Grand Ballroom
Photos of the Arsenal

Catherine Palace Exterior

 Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna’s Children’s House near the Zubov Wing

Marble Bridge


Chinese Pavilion

Boat House Lake
Round Temple in the Park


  1. These are great Joanna!
    What first started me on looking into the Winter Palace was I watched the animated film Anastasia. The Palace they used in this was what I found out later to be Catherine's palace and made me very confused when I searched "The Russian Winter Palace" and it didn't match what I was seeing. Anyway I quickly got caught up in researching The Winter Palace which lead me to your website and the floor plans.
    I did do some research into Catherine's palace and have a folder full of info but I don't have any thing like these photos and the information I got on Catherine's palace didn't include much on the Zubov wing as I think they were still doing renovations on it at the time. So thank you for putting these photos up I intend to have a good look at them and add them to my Catherine's palace folder.
    Still soooo much to research!
    Ghostie x.

  2. I am in awe of the photos and others I have since found that I will post here later. Although I am concentrating on the Winter Palace, I can't resist researching further when I come across something, especially access to archival material!

  3. I do the same if I came across something like these pictures. I suppose later on if you wanted to you could always do something on Catherine's palace, though I suspect that there is endless material on the Winter Palace?!

  4. The Winter Palace is ongoing, more will be released after my book is published.