Thursday, 14 September 2017

Aerial Views of Pavlovsk Palace

A breathtaking aerial view (below) of Pavlovsk Palace!

The palace was the creation of Paul I and Marie Feodorovna. After the death of Paul in 1801, the dowager empress lived here until her death in 1828. She bequeathed it to her youngest son Mikhail Pavlovich. On his death in 1849 the palace passed to Konstantin, the second son of Nicholas I and Alexandra.

Photograph c1900 (below) of the courtyard of Pavlovsk with the statue of Paul I
 Another aerial view (below) of Pavlovsk Palace


  1. Miraculous Pavlovsk! The first miracle being that it wasn't "Victorianized", and retained most of it's original interiors. The second, of course, being it's astounding resurrection after the war. Beautiful images. : )

  2. Fantastic photos, Joanna! Love the first one what a great shot!
    Ghostie x.

  3. Thank you very much! We loved the palace and walking the park!