Thursday, 4 January 2018

Music Hall in Pavlovsk Train Station 1888

On Friday September 2nd 1888 Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich wrote in his diary that ‘last night I listened to Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony in the Pavlovsk train station. I liked it although we were sitting near the copper pipes that interfered with the integrity of the impression’.

Photographs (below) of the Music Hall at Pavlovsk Train Station late 1800s

Plan for its façade (below) approved by Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich on October 8th 1860
Al Charlemagne’s watercolor (below) on its 25th anniversary in 1862
N. Benois drawing (below) c1876
Interiors (below) of the Music Hall

Photograph (below) of the season opening on April 27th 1888

Plan (below) to restore the Pavlovsk Train Station


  1. Thanks for this. Interesting how the layout of the train station building echoes that of Pavlovsk Palace itself. : )

  2. A million thanks Joanna, once again irrespective of time and fate your beautiful pictures take as all back to “Atlantis”

  3. It was difficult to envision the music hall and the station from the old drawings and photographs. When seeing the model, I had thought at first it was the palace! Now we understand its layout.

  4. These last two posts about the XIX century Pavlovsk are simply amazing !! The photos depicting the palace and its surroundings at that time are quite difficult to find.

  5. Thank you very much Enric. New research is constantly been discovered!