Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Emperor Nicholas II and Winter Thaws

On Saturday February 28th 1897 Nicholas II wrote in his diary that ‘a mass of snow fell during the night’. The following year the winter weather was mild. On Sunday February 28th 1898 ‘it was thawing and completely warm’. Thursday was ‘a nice sunny day, heavy thaw, the snow is almost gone from the streets’.

Two years later in the Winter Palace on Tuesday February 27th 1901 Nicholas wrote ‘the day remained marvelous and the snow has gone from the streets’. The next day he ‘took a walk in the marvelous weather’.

Photograph c1890s (below) of Nicholas II in front of the Commandant Entrance of the Winter Palace

A marvelous week here in Belleville Canada with sunny days and the snow gone from the streets! 

Watercolor (below) by my sister Catherine Joyce last Sunday of the river rocks in Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Photograph (below) of Presqu’ile Lighthouse

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  1. Excellent photo of the Presqu'ile Lighthouse. The surrounding lake water is so clear. Susan