Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Crown Prince’s Bedroom in the Winter Palace

When the Winter Palace was reconstructed in 1838-1839 after the fire, Nicholas I arranged a suite of rooms for his daughter Maria and her new husband Duke Max of Leuchtenberg on the 2nd floor south section facing the Large Inner Courtyard. They moved to the Mariinsky Palace facing St. Isaac’s Square in the winter of 1843-1844.

The suite of rooms [290 to 301 on the 2nd floor plan] were known as the 1st Spare and used for guests such as Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Ferdinand of Bulgaria, etc.

E. Hau’s 1867 Painting (below) of the Bedroom #298 in the 1st Spare

On Friday January 3rd 1903 Nicholas II with Empress Alexandra went ‘to the 1st Spare where Crown Prince Wilhelm [of Germany] soon arrived’. The next day Wilhelm had lunch with them and ‘our daughters are already relating to him very, very familiarly’.

The following Monday ‘before dinner we learned that the crown prince was not feeling well and that he had a fever of 39.2C. At 8:00 we went to see him. He was already lying in bed in a sweat and was complaining of hurting all over his body. One must hope that this is a slight case of influenza. It is unpleasant to have an ill guest’.

Photographs (below) of the Bedroom today

By Wednesday January 8th the crown prince had ‘slept excellently and got up, remaining in his apartments. We sat with him and met Mama, Minny and Aunt Mikhen there. We had dinner with him in his quarters with Misha’.

3D Panorama of the Bedroom in the 1st Spare


  1. One of my favorites of the rooms Hau and the others recorded. While I'm grateful that so much of the detail of these rooms has been preserved, I'm always sad to compare the present state of these rooms with the - very charming - former views....

  2. Oooo fantastic post Joanna! I have to agree with Stephilius about the rooms today compared to their past views. The opening on the wall between the two columns where the bed use to be, was that added by the Hermitage?
    Ghostie x

  3. The door was added c1920s-30s for flow of visitors through the rooms of the south section.